Our story started in March of 2019, in talking with a local Police Department. In discussions with them and other jurisdictions we were concerned about Police, Fire & EMS purchasing their own bicycles and accessories, so we supported and lent bikes for a few months to see whether this might boost morale and community engagement.

Within a few weeks, the community experienced a huge increase in successful apprehensions and community social engagement. The officers are experiencing more positive engaging contact with the community than if they had been in a vehicle patrol unit. As news of this experience spread through testimonies and social media, neighboring communities started wanting to participate with adding Bike Patrol Units. Crucially, this sparked interest in more jurisdictions, leading to the creation of the county’s first Bike The Blue program, governed by a small town gal with a big passion for her city and surrounding towns.

Since then, this model has gone viral in North Texas, spawning a grassroots revolution with 15 or more jurisdictions to date. Our work is about much more than getting bikes to First Respondents. These experiences have guided our journey, searching for new approaches to demonstrate that First Respondents can partner within their own communities, work closely with businesses and actively socialize with families. Our First Respondents and jurisdictions coming together “One Bike At A Time.”